My Story

Hello and welcome to my online Scentsy Store. Thank you for taking the time to read my Scentsy story and I thought that I would tell you a bit about myself and why I joined the Scentsy Family. I am very fortunate to be a stay-at-home mum for two handsome boys while living in a rural community an hour from Coffs Harbour NSW.  Scentsy found me by means of a great family friend who thought that I might need something to do when my then 4 year old would be attending kindergarten the following year.  My focus was to be available to my children for ALL their activities in their life.  I didn’t think much of the link she provided me I did not see these products up close, living just 7 hours away from her, all I could see were they looked beautiful in the photo.  Two weeks later, I looked at the link again, and really saw myself buying these products!  Well after my initial chat of what was required, I joined the following day.   That was…….Wednesday 26th November 2013 at 4:05pm and I signed on without seeing the product in real life. I signed because it was so affordable and I loved the concept. I signed because I would get fantastic discount on the products and I thought the lifetime guarantee gave me peace of mind. I signed as it was new to the Australian market which opened on 1st September 2013 – which was my mum’s last birthday. Review 2 years on 20th January 2016 I am reaping the benefits of being an Independent Scentsy Consultant which has helped me find purpose in my life and filled my heart with joy and put simply “makes my heart sing”. WHY DID I JOIN? It's simple. I'm my own boss! Being in a rural community having Scentsy has allowed me to grow outside my comfort zone while sharing the products that I adore with so many different people, whom were once strangers and now great friends.  I love that their life can sparkle with the joy of Scentsy and seeing their eyes light up when they talk to me about their favourite warmer or fragrance.  I love that I can help. I love the flexibility and I can do it at my own pace and in my own time.  I love that I am teaching my children the value of business at home and establishing powerful and important life lessons while trying to keep my family life balanced.  While it might be a few years before they start changing the world, teaching them these fundamental skills, and the power to dream, will set them on an exciting life adventure.  As Walt Disney says “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. Scentsy is affordable and the hostess rewards are generous. The Scentsy compensation plan for consultants is simple and easy to earn.  Working your business is rewarded by the consistent compliments, awards and incentives which are truly amazing and helps me to inspire others. Being Successful is Being Acknowledged and Scentsy does this well! Incentive Trips 2015 – Breeze Into Bali – June 20-26 5 Star Breathtaking Luxury Experience staying at The Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua 2016 – Roar into Singapore – May 9-13 I am ready to embark on a unique luxurious 5 star journey, staying at the Fairmont Resort Singapore.   So Do You LOVE what you see?  Do you like what Scentsy Can Offer?  As I see it, I didn’t know what would be on the horizon for me when I started my Scentsy story but I trusted the process and for me it was only one important decision I needed to do– and that is to TRY. Do you want an opportunity in earning an all-expense paid free holiday? As a Director to my team House of Scents All Stars, and hopefully your sponsor, I understand the importance of support and training that is required.  Whether you want to do it as an armchair consultant, a hobbyist or step up to full or part-time business, my role is to fundamentally support you through your foundation stages so you too can experience everything that Scentsy can offer too. I would love the opportunity to share this product and journey with you.  What is your purpose?   Julie x   Thank you for your time, and I appreciate you reading my story and do hope that you find something that helps you today.  Enjoy your day and may you have the courage to believe in your dreams……..Julie xx   Website: Facebook: find me Call me: 0422 871 278